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Paddock Blade is a new horse paddock cleaner that is taking the equestrian world by storm. It’s simple tow behind steel tray design with a universal tow loop can be pulled by most ATV’s.  It’s a tried and tested product with many happy customers all over the world already saving themselves hours of precious time and arduous backbreaking effort every week cleaning their paddocks.

Lot’s of people ask us this. The answer is simple there is no difference except from the actual colour itself. It’s purely an aesthetic thing. Some people like their Paddock Cleaner to match their other equipment on the farm or even their gum boots! 

The reason the red one is cheaper is because this is our standard colour. All the other colours are one off’s so they cost a little more to produce. 

You simply hook it up using the supplied universal tow loop to your ATV / Ride on mower (must be at least 10kmh) Ute or car and then drag it along your paddock. 

It will automatically adapt itself to keep a tight ground plane to any surface you are using it on at any angle which it is being towed across. Once it’s full simply park it next to your muck heap and tip it at the rear or shovel off to unload.

We have spent hundreds of hours testing and developing the Paddock Blade with a vast amount of animal manure on a wide variety of paddock surfaces. It is engineered to be perfectly safe when used as intended and for purpose.

One of the questions we always get asked is does our paddock cleaner pick up rocks and of course the answer is YES! The Paddock Blade will pick up rocks large and small with no problems.  Many people buy them specifically for clearing rocks from their paddocks and all of them are very happy with the fantastic results!

Our paddock cleaner will pick up sticks, leaves ,organic debris as well as cow, sheep and alpaca poop. Just about anything making a mess of your paddocks can be scooped up with the paddock blade quickly and efficiently.

paddock blade picking up rocks

The Paddock Blade will work well in paddock grass up to 6 inches tall. For anything longer than this and as general advice, we recommend having your paddocks slashed to maintain good health for your livestock.

Just about anyone in the agricultural world. Primarily for use with picking up horse and pony poop, we have however had many customers worldwide use them for their alpacas, sheep vineyards, and general rock clearing.
To put it simply – If you have mess to pick up then the Paddock Blade is the solution for you.

The cleaning benefits are life changing. It saves hours of your precious time and money every time it is used. Reducing the time you have to spend clearing and cleaning by at least a third. Your horses will be happier and healthier as they will have a cleaner environment. It is also a fun machine to use and work with.
The Paddock Blade will alleviate all those aches and pains caused by the arduous backbreaking task of paddock picking and cleaning. Long term it can help prevent repetitive strain injuries on your back, neck, shoulder and arms.

You can buy direct via our website just head to our online store. It’s fast, simple and secure. We accept payment with any credit or debit card and also offer AfterPay, a way to pay in installments. Delivery prices are fixed for each state of Australia and are of best value. We also ship globally so if you are outside Australia and wish to order, please email us at . All orders are trackable with our courier.

This is a question we often get asked by many people. Will the Paddock Blade damage my driveway or pick up gravel in between Paddocks?

The simple answer is no, not at all. All you have to do is unhook the Paddock Blade and hook it up the opposite way in it’s “trailer mode” When hooked up this way the Paddock Blade doesn’t pick up anything at all. So your driveway or other surfaces will be perfectly intact. It also doubles up as trailer when hooked up in this way so you can carry hay bales or other heavy items around your property.  

We’ve taken hundreds of hours to design, test and engineer the perfect tow behind livestock paddock cleaner.

The outcome is a product that performs exceptionally across 95% of terrain, requires zero maintenance; and will last you a lifetime.

However like any product it does have it’s limitations and as with anything we do we are always open and honest about these.

The Paddock Blade will not perform well on sand arenas or menage.  It will also (as with any paddock cleaning device) not perform well after a recent downpour of rain. Simply let the ground dry out a little to get the best results.  

The Paddock Blade is Specifically designed to pick up horse poo. It does this very well. We have also sold many to customers who have found heaps of other handy uses for them. 

  • Sheep Poo collecting
  • Alpaca Poo collecting
  • Cow Dung collecting
  • Clearing Vineyards
  • Clearing Orchards
  • Collecting Golf balls

    You can also hook the Paddock Blade up in reverse (trailer mode) Once hooked up like this it doesn’t pick up anything and it’s perfect for transporting hay bales, tools and other items around your property. 

Click Below to download the Paddock Blade Operators Manual. 

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