Equestrians globally LOVE the paddock blade. SO much better than the old shovel and wheel barrow.. Simpler and cheaper and easier than other mechanical paddock poop scoopers. BUT don't take our word for it see what they have to say below.

Paddock Blade Reviews

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The Paddock Blade is maintenance free and can be hooked up behind an ATV, tractor, ute or even a car, picking up everything from horse manure, sheep droppings and camel dung to loose chippings, stones, fruit and rubbish.

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Paddock Blade is the quick and easy way to pick up manure and rocks from your paddocks. Just tow behind your Quad Bike, or Car.

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Customer Testimonials

Here is what some of our happy customers have to say about the Paddock Blade

Pat Hollans

Recently purchased a paddock blade and harrow and absolutely love it! saves so much extra time that I can now spend with my horses rather than constantly trying to catch up on poo picking. very easy to use, highly recommend for anyone interested in buying one.

Beth Mclean

Excellent purchase Received in quick time! Our fields are not flat and we have had no issues. Very impressed I will never use a wheel barrow again.
Thank you for an excellent product and excellent customer service

Rhian Mulis

Received our paddock blade on Friday and honestly couldn’t be more thrilled with it. It’s easy to use, does a fabulous job and really couldn’t recommend it enough! To top it off the entire process was hassle free too.

Tracey Scott

I haven’t got a photo of my blade but I thought a picture of one of my 3 horses would show our hill, I was concerned about weather the blade would work on my hill but it sure does. It’s saved me so much time, I rotate my fields once eaten, I’ve had 3 horses in a 2 acre for a fortnight, I only poo pick weekly now, takes me less than an hour including bagging it up directly from the blade to sell at my roadside gates. Great investment, thrilled to bits, works a dream!! Thank you so much Paddock Blade

Paul Adams

Received in quick time. Does exactly what it should do, just got to get the speed right. Any little bits missed I simply let dry out and chain Harrow over. Very impressed. Could do with a tractor sized version though! Thank you for an excellent product

Roland Tong

Upon receiving the paddock blade, I have been nothing but impressed saving huge amounts of time and keeping the yard to the highest possible standard.
I recommend and congratulate Paddock Blade UK for bringing this amazing tool into Horse management 

Rob Ashton

Cracking piece of kit, so simple and so effective. Love mine to bits

Claire Bell

Our Paddock blade is brilliant! Even better than expected.
We has 2 very large horses and consequently have to keep on top of the paddock. This was proving a problem for myself and my husband with various joints being put under a lot of strain.

We use the defender to blade the paddock and it did 10 barrows in under and hour, not only that as it breaks up the manure you get more in your barrow, so traditionally this would have equated to 20 barrows and good 5-6 hours and a battered elbow for my husband and shoulder for me. Highly recommended.

Helen Chester
North Yorkshire

I was so dubious that this would work for me. I have very bumpy rig and furrow fields.

I’m pleased to say I was wrong. I had to go over the field a number of times but I have a clear field and a huge pile of droppings.

Can’t wait to use this each week to ensure my fields are kept poo free!

Lucy Anna Wigersma
Northern Ireland

We’re really l pleased with the Paddock blade. Such a simple machine but so efficient. It even does a good job on the bumpier paddocks. With 20 odd paddocks to keep clean, can get done in a couple of hours what would have taken well over a day to do. Money very well spent.

Emma Aldred-MItchell
West Sussex

Received my Paddock Blade this morning. Packaged well and delivered safely. I even got a text to let me know it was on it’s way.

I cleared over a months worth of muck from my 2 acre paddock in just over an hour, so very impressed! I’m planning on using once a week from now on, so should take no time at all.

Fab bit of kit that will save me hours of work, and prevent the usual crippling backache!

Joanne Finley
North Berwick

Simple yet brilliant! Time saving. Shoulder relieving, simple to use and completely effective! I actually now look forward to poo picking!!!

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