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10 Of The Best New Horse Paddock Products in 2021

In 2021, there are plenty of exciting horse paddock products that are being introduced. These developments are designed to simplify tasks and chores around the farm, allowing you to get back to truly enjoying equestrianism. Continue reading to learn of 10 of the best new horse paddock products in 2021.


 10 Of The Best New Horse Paddock Products in 2021


  • Automatic Watering Systems

  • The average horse takes in anywhere between 5 and 10 gallons of water each day. Of course, the amount of water that a horse needs is dependent upon its size, its workload, the temperature outside, and its diet - among other factors.

    Anyone who has worked on or owned a horse paddock knows all too well that a good portion of each day is usually dedicated to ensuring that the horses are watered - especially in the warm months.

    The time that is spent scrubbing out and refilling water buckets and wrestling with watering hoses could easily be used for more productive activities - that’s where automatic watering systems come in.

    As the name suggests, an automatic waterer ensures that your horse has constant access to fresh and clean water in its stall. When your horse takes a drink, fresh water will disperse to refill the liquid that has been lost.

    Not only does this cut down massively on the amount of work that is needed to be done around the barn, but it helps promote the health of the horses; hydrated horses are less prone to colic and generally perform better.

    When you invest in an automatic watering system for your horse farm, you can expect the following benefits:

    • No more time spent refilling buckets and troughs
    • Constant access to fresh and clean water
    • Decrease in mosquito population (no stagnant water)
    • Hay Steamers

    Horses with Laminitis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD), or general allergies can benefit from hay that is soaked prior to feeding.

    Soaking hay settles dust, reduces water-soluble carbohydrates (WSCs), and makes it easier to chew and digest. 

    One large downside to hay soaking is that it can be quite a time-consuming headache, and adds to the already extensive list of chores and tasks that have to be done around the barn. 

    Hay steamers make the process of purifying and dampening hay much simpler, allowing you to simply load a bale of hay into the steamer and turn it on, coming back to it when it has finished.

    Benefits of hay steamers include:

    • Reduced airborne particle count by upwards of 90%
    • Set it and forget it; tend to other tasks or chores while the steamer does its work
    • Destroys fungus, breathable particles, mites, and bacteria
    • Beneficial for colic-prone or post-operative horses


    10 Of The Best New Horse Paddock Products in 2021
    • Barn Vacuums

    • It’s certainly no secret that a large portion of each day is dedicated to cleaning up around the barn; keeping stalls, aisleways, tack rooms, and other walking surfaces clean can be quite time consuming. 

      Barn vacuums provide a simple and effective solution for cleaning up around the barn; they are heavy-duty, designed to pick up straw, sawdust, grain, manure chips, and more. They are specially designed to operate quietly, keeping the peace around the barn.

      Benefits of barn vacuums include:

      • Clean up large messes in just a fraction of the time
      • Pick up wood chips, hay, stones, nails, glass and more
      • Clean without stirring up dust and debris into the air, which can be harmful to horses and humans
      • Picks up nails from horseshoes and other dangerous debris

         10 Of The Best New Horse Paddock Products in 2021

        Horse Farm Tractors

        While tractors are certainly not “new” technology, this is one piece of equipment that is nearly essential on a horse farm. 

        No matter the size of your farm, the grass needs mowing, large objects need moving, and manure needs to be moved and disposed of.

        A wheelbarrow, pitchfork, and push mower may get the job done, but this can be extremely time-consuming - not to mention physically exhausting.

        Benefits of using a tractor on your equestrian property include:

        • Quickly and efficiently mow grass in pastures and paddocks
        • Move large and heavy objects with ease
        • Attachments can be purchased to get additional uses out of your tractor


        Horse Rug Dryers

        With inclement weather comes the need for blankets for the horses, and coats, boots, and gloves for the riders. In the fall and winter months, the barn can become quite cluttered with items laid out to dry.

        Heated rug dryers provide a space effective and intelligent solution for drying out horse blankets, coats, boots, hats, gloves, and more.

        Paddock Blade’s drying rack cuts down drying time to just a few hours, providing safe and efficient storage for various items as they dry out.

        Benefits of Paddock Blade’s electric rug dryers include:

        • Safely uses heat to rapidly dry items
        • Properly caring for horse blankets helps to extend their lifetime
        • 10-year frame warranty, 12 months electric element warranty
        • Adjustable thermostat for temperature control
        • Maintenance-free
        • Provides a neat and orderly place for things to dry


        10 Of The Best New Horse Paddock Products in 2021

        Barn Monitoring Systems

        More people are equipping their homes with security now than ever before, thanks to technological advancements and the now relatively low cost of security systems. 

        Our horses are so much more than animals; they are our best friends and valued members of our families. It only makes sense to set up security and monitoring systems in the barn to ensure their health and safety - especially if you own and operate a boarding facility.

        Benefits of an equine monitoring system include:

        • Never again wonder about what goes on inside the barn when you are away
        • 24-hour monitoring capabilities
        • Reduced liability insurance rates
        • Intelligent fire alarm systems
        • Peace of mind for horse owners
        • Direct contact with emergency services when needed

          10 Of The Best New Horse Paddock Products in 2021

          Mobile Equine Health Monitoring

          If you’re like most people, you probably use your smart phone or smart watch to track some form of your physical health, whether it be monitoring your heart rate, your daily caloric intake, or the number of steps you take each day.

          As horse owners, we are always monitoring our horses’ health as closely as possible. It only makes sense that we take advantage of modern technological advances to help ensure that our horses are healthy and happy. 

          Mobile equine health monitoring systems provide the following benefits:

          • Monitor heart rate
          • Monitor respiration
          • Monitor performance during training or competition
          • Monitor pregnant mares during both pregnancy and birth
          • Receive an alert on your phone when there is cause for concern - no more guessing games
          • Horse profiles and shared access to information

            10 Of The Best New Horse Paddock Products in 2021

            Barn Management Software

            Today, we manage almost all aspects of work and life digitally. Why should the management of your barn be any different?

            Rather than drowning in a sea of paperwork or struggling to record everything on paper, stable management software programs allow you to handle all aspects of your business digitally and in one place.

            When you have a horse barn with several members of staff, horses, equipment, and daily tasks to be completed, barn management software is literally a lifesaver and will turn a chaotic barn environment in to a well functioning one.

            Barn management software provides the following benefits:

            • Digital invoicing
            • Advanced scheduling
            • Digital file management
            • Expense tracking
            • Staff hours
            • Horse Movements in and out of the barn
            • Synchronized events and planners
            • Unlimited users
            • Horse profiles


            10 Of The Best New Horse Paddock Products in 2021

            Horse Arena Watering System

            A dry and dusty arena can be unpleasant and dangerous to work in for both horse and rider.

            Rather than dragging the hose out to the arena to water it down a few times a day, you may want to consider investing in an arena watering system.

            Benefits of an arena watering system include:

            • Maintenance-free 
            • No wasted water
            • With some models, no external power is needed; powered by water flow
            • Simple and easy speed adjustment
            • Even application of water
            • Automatic shut-off

            Paddock Cleaning Tools

            Traditionally, the only way to ensure that your pasture or paddock is thoroughly cleaned out is to pick it by hand using a shovel and wheelbarrow.

            This can take up a considerable portion of your time - especially if you have several large pastures or paddocks on the property.

            Paddock cleaning tools like Paddock Blade were introduced to simplify the paddock cleaning process; simply hook the tool to your vehicle of choice and pull it behind you as you drive through the area you’d like to clean. 

            As the Paddock Blade trails behind you, it picks up waste and debris, gathering it neatly in the basin until you are ready to empty it out. When it comes time to empty, simply tip it over and let gravity do the work. That’s it! 

            Benefits of the Paddock Blade include:

            • Less time spent manually picking out paddocks; clean an entire acre in just 10 minutes
            • Little to no physical strain
            • Universal tow hitch; works with most UTVs, SUVs, cars, trucks, ride-on mowers, and UTEs.
            • Improved air quality
            • Improved groundwater quality
            • Safer environment for horses and humans alike

            Paddock Blade: Best Paddock Cleaning Tool

            Owning and operating a horse farm is certainly no easy feat, but with the use of the modern horse farming equipment mentioned here, your daily tasks around the farm can be simplified and, in some cases, completely automated.

            This leaves you with less of a headache and more time to spend enjoying in the saddle.

            Paddock Blade is proud to provide the best paddock cleaning tools in the industry.

            We’re dedicated to helping hard-working equestrians simplify their everyday tasks so they can spend more time enjoying quality time with their horses.

            To browse Paddock Blade’s inventory of industry-leading paddock cleaning tools, click here.

            For more informative equestrian blogs, check out our blog page.

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