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Paddock cleaning made easy, that's paddock blade.

The Paddock Blade Story

The first ever Paddock Blade was made for a horse owner in the UK who was fed up with years of cleaning paddocks by hand, at the mercy of the weather and insect bites, often ending up with repetitive strain injuries in their hands and back.

Too many horse owners spend far too much time struggling to keep their paddocks clean using a rake and wheelbarrow.

This traditional method is backbreaking work – hot, tiring and tedious, and something that many horse owners eventually dread.

We knew there was a better way. Paddock Blade was purpose built to solve this problem and give horse owners the most precious gift, more time with your horses!

The UK design was brought to Australia and has since been adapted to suit Australian conditions and terrains. Paddock Blade is paddock cleaning made easy, fast, efficient and fun, and It will transform how you clean your paddocks forever.

Paddock cleaning is no longer a chore, it’s fun, fast and easy using Paddock Blade!

Our Commitment

Paddock Blade is proudly Australian made and officially Australian made certified , We use Australian steel and components. Your purchase supports the Aussie economy and jobs. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards just outside Melbourne in Dandenong, Victoria.

Paddock Blade is also the only Australian horse poop scooper backed by a 10 year warranty. We stand behind the quality products that we manufacture and guarantee our products will keep working hard for you for a minimum of 10 years, making it a solid long lasting investment for your business or property.

Customer service is a top priority which is why we always offer unbeatable customer support before, during and long after your purchase.

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Industry Professional Opinions

Katie Van Slyke with horse

Internet Personality -
Katie Van Slyke

"I am so impressed with the paddock blade! Easy for me to hook up and dump, easy to pull around, and it picked up SO MUCH manure and loose rocks! Very happy with it!"

guy mclean paddock blade

International Horseman,Entertainer & Bush Poet -
Guy McLean

'I have based my entire career on quality, common sense and durability and I see these exact same attributes in the ‘Paddock Blade’

Click here to see Guy's paddock blade video review

RDA Victoria logo
"Wonderful! This useful piece of equipment has made it so much easier for our RDA centre!

Easy to use, sturdy and strong and any one of our volunteers can use it. Thank you Paddock Blade Australia for supporting Riding Develops Ability. Our paddocks have never looked better and your 9 points are happy.'
trade farm machinery logo

'The Paddock Blade is maintenance free and can be hooked up behind and ATV, tractor, UTE or even a car, picking up everything from horse manure, sheep droppings and camel dung to loose chippings, stones, fruit and rubbish.'
'Thank you to Paddock Blade Australia your amazing donation has made cleaning up and tending to both the horses and their environment so much easier.

The boys all argue... sorry discuss who will use it but so far our equine manager Pete Riches wins every time. Thank you! '
equestrian hub paddock blade review
'Paddock Blade Australia is changing the game for paddock maintenance.

With the ability to adapt to multiple environments and surfaces and to be able to clean a whole acre in under ten minutes, Paddock Blade is designed to reduce your time spent cleaning up after horses and give more time riding.'
mfc equine paddock blade logo review
' Our business has over 60 horses, after buying our paddock blade we have been able to spend more time doing what we do best and also had the ability to increase our clientele.

Sadly not every paddock here is dead flat and proved very difficult when cleaning paddocks with a full barrow. Our paddock blade has been exposed to all terrain and proven no faults, gliding easily over every surface we have.

Customer service with the company has been absolutely incredible. With a quick reply to any enquiry and honest, friendly responses. As a business we couldn't recommend this product enough.
Given us back time and energy!

We love it! When you have as many horses as we do at Siratsa Park and produce about 15+ tonnes of manure per year, we are always looking at ways to cut down the time all the mundane daily chores take, so we have more time with the horses. Our Paddock Blades have given us that. We will be back for a few more in 2022. Thank you!!!

Jayce & Matt Haskins STS Siratsa Thoroughbred Stables


110 Wide x 110 Long x 22cm High
Lifetime Warranty as Standard
Proudly Australian Made
No Moving parts / Maintenance
Clears an Acre in 10 Minutes
300L Capacity (3 large Wheelbarrows)
Australia's Best Selling Paddock Cleaner

Paddock Blade Horse Manure Collector in Cherry Red | Premium Australian Made | FREE Delivery

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