5 Reasons To Swap Your Paddock Cleaning Wheelbarrow For The Paddock Blade

Is there a better way to pick up horse manure?

The humble wheelbarrow is a staple tool on any horse owners property.

But when it comes to cleaning horse manure from your pasture, what if your wheelbarrow is just wasting your time and wearing you out?

It turns out there’s a much faster, easier, and less tiring way to clean your paddocks – a tow behind manure collector called the Paddock Blade.

Like the wheelbarrow, this is pretty simple to use. However instead of requiring hours of physical labor to collect manure, you only need to drive a few laps around the paddock with your car or ATV to get the job done.

Here are five reasons a Paddock Blade beats a wheelbarrow when it comes to cleaning horse manure from your pasture.

Reason 1: Save time (hours and hours)

We’ll put it simply: the Paddock Blade cleans paddocks in a quarter of the time your wheelbarrow does.

So if it currently takes you 4 hours a week to clean your pasture with a wheelbarrow, you can whiz around with your Paddock Blade and get the same thing done in an hour.

Over the course of the year, that’s a lot of saved hours.


Reason 2: Don't hurt your back

All hardworking horse owners have over-filled a wheelbarrow at some point in their lives.

There’s the strain on your legs as you try and push it up a slope or the wrench to your back as it wobbles off to the side and you keep it from tipping over. So it’s unsurprising that wheelbarrows have caused many a back injury.

The smart thing would be to fill it less and take more trips. But try telling that to someone who only has a couple of hours to ride two horses and clean the paddocks before dark!

With the Paddock Blade, there’s no need to push around over-filled wheelbarrows. You can keep to the comfort of your car or ATV and save your back for riding.


Reason 3: Keep your pasture clean and healthy

Lots of people know it’s important to keep their pasture clean. But far fewer people actually have time to clean it as regularly as they should.

As a result, the paddocks get messy, the grass sours, and the parasites get to stay and continue their breeding cycle.

However, it’s much easier to keep up with cleaning your pastures when you have the Paddock Blade to speed up the process. Healthier pastures and more time to spend with your horses – it’s a win win!


Reason 4: Preserve your wheelbarrow

Whether or not you have a tow behind manure collector, a wheelbarrow is still something horse owners can’t do without.

So rather than wear it out trudging up and down the paddocks and filling it with horse manure, why not keep it in good condition for everything else you use it for?

Reason 5: Give yourself more time to ride!

Would you describe yourself as a horse rider?

Or more of a permanently exhausted horse owner who gets to squeeze in the odd ride between feeding and picking up after your steeds? 

If cleaning paddocks keeps you busy, the time a Paddock Blade saves you will easily let you fit in a couple more rides each week. Imagine how quickly you and your horse would improve then?

So there you have it. Replacing your trusty old wheelbarrow with the Paddock Blade tow behind manure collector will save you time, save your paddocks, save your back, and even save you regularly buying a new wheelbarrow!

The Paddock Blade also collect other objects such as fruit, rocks, golf balls and handle the rough, uneven ground, so you can trust it to do the job properly.

The Paddock Blade can be purchased in Melbourne or shipped Australia-wide.

See https://paddockblade.com.au/collections/all

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Genuine reviews from very happy people

Everything about this product is ideal for horse owners. I enjoy cleaning paddocks now because its the easiest job I can do, truly...put the Paddock Blade cable hook on the tow ball then drive, the manure, weeds,sticks,rocks,dirt,wire etc collects, it is virtually mulched up too.

Take off what is rubbish and using the side handles tip out the contents. I use mine as mulch or in the run off areas. Big Fan! Most worthwhile purchase I've made in some time, a game changer for my workload and environmentally (due to flies).

Tracey Boland- Mornington, Victoria

Just used my paddock blade for the first time today! With four horses to pick up after I was getting overwhelmed by the wheelbarrow and rake, especially in my paddock that has lots of lumpy tufty grass to try and pick the manure out of!

I towed it around behind our lawn mower and collected 3 blades full of manure. Was so happy and relieved to see it collecting the manure. It doesn’t pick it all up when going over such uneven & lumpy ground but the manure it leaves behind gets spread. I’m happy with that, the wheelbarrow was killing me in the end!!!!

Danielle Williamson - Winton, New Zealand

I have just purchased this amazing Paddock Blade. This is such a fantastic addition to our farm life. It is so easy to use and without any effort whatsoever. I rescue Livestock and it has allowed me an extra 3 hours to do other jobs around the place and has helped this aged girl to do this work without any pain.

I have cleaned up hay, rocks, branches after storms and the amount of manure that accumulates tenfold from my menagerie. I highly recommend, this Paddock Blade to everyone. I also love the fact that there is a follow up from the company, checking that all is ok from arrival to use. Awesome Paddock Blade Australia and Thankyou for making my life much easier now

Kim Chulong- Tamworth, New South Wales

I have always enjoyed having a clean paddock but found it hard on my back and body. After finding this product on Facebook I thought great this will save time and less pain. This system has given me a 15 minute paddock clean on a 5 acre property and has minimised my back and body pains which has now given me more time to spend with my family.

Matthew Davids, South Australia

LOVE our paddock blade, have used it twice now, OMG so much faster. We use it behind a can-am. I just lift it from the back from a squat position - ladies it's easy to do by yourself! It is really good at grabbing sticks and rocks as well, paddocks look gorgeous.

Vanessa Hamilton - Nanaango, Queensland

Just used our paddock blade for the first time today. WOW ... just love it. We have long kikuyu grass and even longer fire weed... the paddock blade did it easily ... it picked up 90% and what it didn’t pick up it spread.

We live on a small hill, all the paddocks have slope to them but the paddock blade couldn’t have cared less. We pulled it easily with the cub cadet Pro Z 100 Zero turn. So happy with this product. It does 100% of what it is advertised to do . Jake was great to deal with, the blade was delivered by TNT ...couldn’t be happier.

Caroline Hudson, Tiakitahuna, New Zealand

Our Paddock Blade was delivered to our door about a week ago.. shiny & red! My wife asked me if I could hook it up to our side by side ATV this morning so she could try it out.. so I did, both our dogs climbed in with her & off she went.. after a hour she came back huge smile on her face couldn’t get over how well the Paddock Blade worked.

Our paddocks aren’t all flat, quite undulating in areas but that made no difference to how the Paddock Blade worked.. even the doge were impressed as was I lol.. she had a ball picking up horse poo? Go figure.. we love it couldn’t recommend the product & the customer service we experienced during the purchase... don’t hold off wondering if it works, it does, extremely well, if you have horses, cows, deer, alpacas or just want to clean your paddocks up do yourself a favour get one! Thanx heaps guys!!

Greg Doodson - Christchurch, New Zealand

Ok horsey friends this is a absolute life saver I've been wanting a paddock blade for a while and I was lucky enough to get one for Christmas . I was worried it would work cause my paddocks are not flat quite bumpy.

But my gosh these are brilliant and worth every penny, photo below is two minutes worth and it comes in purple which is awesome. So if any of you are sick of picking up poop and want more time to ride get onto it get a paddock blade its a small company with amazing service you won't be disappointed.

Kelly Roussow- Hunter Valley, New South Wales

This product is simply amazing. I’d thought about getting one for a while but couldn’t justify the money, but boy was I wrong. I finally gave in and bought myself one and now I don’t know why I waited so long. I love, love, love it and actually get a little excited when I go out to clean the paddock, I know it’s only going to take me 1/2 an hour and I’ll be done. No more shovelling for 3 days and ending up with shovel blisters and a sore back.

I’m just sorry I didn’t get it sooner. PS. The before service, delivery time and after service are as amazing as their product. Thanks Paddock Blade for making my life and the time I get to spend with my horses and family so much better.

Tracy Stone - Walkers Point, Queensland

305/245 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3182

Call - 1300 218 212