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Australian Summer Horse Care Tips

Australian Summer Horse Care Tips

As we make it through the most sweltering months of the year, it’s important to keep our horses’ health at the very top of our priorities. We’ve put together some tips for caring for your horse in the summer; check it out.


Australian Summer Horse Care Tips


If there’s one thing that should be stressed above all else in the summertime, it’s keeping your horse properly hydrated.

The average horse requires up to five gallons of water per day; this number can double once temperatures start to climb. The Aussie summer heat can be a bit unforgiving, and dehydration and heat stroke can happen quickly if not properly prevented.

Be sure to fill buckets and troughs diligently throughout the day; high temps and thirsty horses are likely to result in water levels dropping quickly throughout the day, so be sure to make your watering rounds more often than usual.

While the high temperatures cause most horses to drink more often, some horses may not drink as much as they should. Keeping salt licks in stalls and paddocks is a great way to encourage horses to stay hydrated.


australian summer horse care tips

Keep It Cool!

Make sure your horse stays out of the sun whenever possible.

Limit turnout and exercise times to early in the day and late in the afternoon, avoiding the hottest points of the day.

If you’re unable to change your schedule for working in the cooler times of the day, you may want to consider lightening the workload while the weather is hot.

If your horse needs to be outside in the middle of the day, make sure that they have access to some form of shelter and clean, cool water at all times.

Looking for other ways to cool down when the temperatures just get too high? Giving your horse a quick spray-down with cool water is a great option, and you’ll likely be able to cool yourself in the process, as well.

As temps rise outside, they’ll be rising quickly inside, as well. Make sure that fans are installed and running all throughout the barn, and that all doors and windows are open wherever possible. Proper airflow is the key to preventing sweltering, dangerous air inside the barn.


australian summer horse care tips

Fly Control

Summer heat brings the need for more disciplined fly control. To maintain a healthy environment in the barn, make sure that manure is being removed from stalls at least once - ideally twice - each day. 

Make sure that horses that are headed out to pasture are protected with fly masks, sheets and sprays to ensure that they are comfortable during their time outside; no horse likes spending all of their time swatting and nipping at pesky flies!

Paddocks and pastures should be picked at least once a day. Paddock Blade’s paddock cleaning tool makes this chore an easy feat, saving crucial time that you can instead spend enjoying time with your horse.

As equestrians, we spend all year feverishly waiting for summer to roll around in order to enjoy longer and warmer days with our horses. It’s important to ensure that your horse is healthy and safe during these months; following these tips, you’ll be well on your way.

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