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Best Horse Manure Collector Equipment

Best Horse Manure Collector Equipment


Searching for a horse manure collector to simplify things around the farm?

Horse manure collector equipment can be a lifesaver, walking around your paddock with buckets and spades picking up horse poop can literally take hours out of your day...week in, week out.

However, working out which time saving horse poop scoop solution can be tough to figure out which one is the best for your land. Continue reading for a comparison of the best pasture cleaning tools.

Are Paddock Cleaners Worth It?

To put things simply: absolutely.

Let’s talk about horse manure for a moment. It’s not anyone’s favorite part of being an equestrian, but let’s face it: it’s a huge part of being an equestrian.

Anyone who has had the chore of picking out manure and other debris from the paddocks and pastures can agree that it’s a time-consuming task that can sometimes be a complete headache.

With the use of a paddock cleaner, hand-picking the paddock for hours on end is a thing of the past.

Paddock cleaners attach to most vehicles and can be pulled behind you as you drive through the paddock.

The cleaner does the work for you in just a fraction of the time, and when you’re done, you simply empty out the collection bin and go on with your day.

So let's take a closer look at the top 3 types of horse manure collector equipment currently on the market:


Best Horse Manure Collector Equipment

The Paddock Groomer

The Paddock Groomer is a New Zealand-made manure collector that can be towed behind a quad, UTV, or similar vehicle.

The operator drives through the paddock, allowing the paddock groomer to pick up manure and other debris.

The collected material is stored inside the paddock groomer’s tank, which is emptied after the operator has finished.


Best Horse Manure Collector Equipment

The Paddock Vacuum

The paddock vacuum is a device that hooks to the back of a UTV, quad, or similar vehicle.

Rather than simply driving over debris and manure to collect it, the paddock vacuum physically sucks up debris and manure to place it inside the collector as the operator drives through the paddock. 

Other versions of the paddock vacuum, as shown above, require the operator to actually "vacuum" the paddock like a regular house vacuum cleaner.


Best Horse Manure Collector Equipment

The Paddock Blade

For this comparison series, we certainly saved the best for last. The Paddock Blade is an innovative paddock cleaning tool that is designed to be simple, yet very effective.

The Paddock Blade has a universal hitch hookup; it can easily and quickly be hooked up to any vehicle, UTV, quad, or similar vehicle.

Pros Vs Cons

  • Paddock Groomer
  • Pros: Non-motorized chain brush sweeper is easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Cons: Has an expensive price point; NZ $3750. 

  • Paddock Vacuum
  • Pros: Collection quality is very high. The vacuum ensures that almost no pieces will be left behind.
  • Cons: Has the most expensive price point; $3,450 USD regularly. Also requires the operator to hold the vacuum hose as they drive.

  • Paddock Blade
  • Pros: At $1,187 AUD regularly, the Paddock Blade is the most affordable paddock cleaning tool by far. It features a universal hitch, which allows it to be used with most vehicles. 
  • Cons: The Paddock Blade does not feature a vacuum function.

  • So, which paddock cleaner is best?

    It boils down to your budget and preference, but if you’re looking for a cost-effective and life-changing paddock cleaner tool that will completely change the way you clean your paddocks for a lower cost, the Paddock Blade is your best bet.

    To browse Paddock Blade’s inventory of industry-leading paddock cleaning tools, click here.

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