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Horses in Mind Brisbane: Proud New Partner of Paddock Blade

Here at Paddock Blade, we take great pride in working with and supporting local equestrian businesses and charities that work hard to uphold a strong and vibrant equestrian community.

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Horses In Mind, a non-profit based out of Brisbane. Continue reading to learn more about this exciting new partnership!


Horses in Mind Brisbane: Proud New Partner of Paddock Blade

About Horses In Mind

Horses in Mind’s mission statement is: “To improve wellbeing in young people through working with horses and on the land.”

They are on a mission to help people take a holistic approach to horsemanship, help develop a common and deep understanding and love for horses, and to provide the public with equestrian activities. 

As we all know, horses made a profound impact on life as we know it from the first day each of us picked up the reins.

Horses In Mind is on a mission to introduce more people to the incredible and fulfilling world of horses, and to continuously build a strong equestrian community.

As stated on their website, their objectives are as follows:

  • to instil in people a love and respect for horses;
  • to promote a holistic approach to education about horses and horsemanship
  • to provide horse oriented activities for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being of people of all ages and abilities.


Horses in Mind Brisbane: Proud New Partner of Paddock Blade

Equine Assisted Learning

Horses are intelligent and kind creatures that teach us valuable life lessons.

Horses In Mind uses this to provide equine assisted learning classes, in which participants work both on the ground and in the saddle to develop:

  • Assertiveness
  • Body language awareness
  • Problem solving skills
  • Emotion regulation
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Compassion
  • Social skills

We certainly have a lot to learn from our equine friends; Horses In Mind puts this to work.


Horses in Mind Brisbane: Proud New Partner of Paddock Blade

Equestrian Activities

As part of their collaborative effort to build a strong community, Horses In Mind offers the following activities:

  • Riding lessons
  • Preschooler clinics
  • Horsemanship clinics
  • Trail rides
  • Pony camp
  • Horse handling clinics
  • Leasing opportunities

Horses In Mind strives to provide the community with various different ways to enjoy time with horses while taking steps towards personal growth and development. 

Paddock Blade is proud to partner with Horses In Mind. We are proud to have provided this incredible non-profit organization with Paddock Blade paddock cleanings tools in order to help them quickly and efficiently clean out their paddocks and pastures.

Our partnership with Horses In Mind is another way for us to support our local community and to ensure that the equestrian world continues to be upheld by strong, caring individuals who place the health and well-being of our equine friends above all else.

Stay tuned for updates on our products, new promotions, and news regarding our partnership with Horses In Mind, as well as our partnerships with other wonderful local businesses.

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