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How To Keep Cool At The Barn This Summer

How to Keep Cool at The Barn This Summer

The summer months are often the most enjoyable for us equestrians.

Long hours at the barn, show season, and incredible weather for riding are often what occupies our minds most of the year as we anxiously count down to the warmer days.

While summer months as an equestrian can be great, keeping cool at the barn can be quite a struggle.

We’ve put together some tips for keeping cool at the barn.


How to Keep Cool at The Barn This Summer


Staying hydrated is the number one key to staying cool and healthy in the heat.

Long hours spent riding or working in the barn can catch up to you quickly, and its crucial to make sure that you’ve always got access to drinking water when you need it.

While of course many of us need our coffee in the morning on our way to the barn, caffeine can be extremely dehydrating.

Try to limit yourself to just a cup in the morning and switch over to water for the day when you’ve finished.

If there is a fridge in your barn, make sure to keep a few extra bottles of water stored away for when you need them.

If there’s a water fountain available, bringing a large refillable container is a great option, as well.


How to Keep Cool at The Barn This Summer

Dress for The Heat

Dressing to beat the heat during your time in the barn is essential. Consider the following:

  • Light and breathable fabrics
  • Thin/ventilated breeches
  • Moisture-wicking tops
  • Ventilated helmet
  • Short and ventilated riding boots paired with thin socks
  • Ventilated gloves

*Life hack: Stick your sunscreen in the fridge to keep it refreshingly cool for application and to prevent it from becoming runny and messy!


How to Keep Cool at The Barn This Summer


Proper ventilation is crucial for the safety and comfort of both horses and humans in the summer months. 

Make sure that all windows and doors in the barn are open to allow air to flow freely, and make sure that all fans are on to help keep the fresh air circulating.

You’ll soon find that the large fans placed throughout the barn will be your best friends once that sweltering heat kicks in. 


How to Keep Cool at The Barn This Summer

Manure Management

Along with the high temperatures comes a few health risks when it comes to manure management in the barn; once the temperatures start to rise, it’s crucial to keep the stalls as clean as possible.

Bacteria and parasites thrive in high temperatures, and if the stalls in the barn are not kept clean throughout the day, it can become a health hazard for both the humans and horses.

Make sure that the stalls are being thoroughly cleaned once in the morning and afternoon, and if the horses are kept inside to stay out of the heat for the day, try to have the stalls picked out periodically to help upkeep a clean and healthy space. 

This also helps keeps the fly population down, and every equestrian knows that every little bit helps when it comes to keeping those pesky flies away in the hot summer months.

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