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Managing Flies In Your Horse Barn This Summer

Managing Flies In Your Horse Barn This Summer

The days are finally getting longer and hotter, and while this is most equestrians’ favourite time of the year, it doesn’t come without its own trials.

One of the biggest problems we face in the summer is ironically caused by something pretty tiny: flies.

We’ve put together a plan for properly managing your fly control in the barn this summer.


Managing Flies In Your Horse Barn This Summer


Flies prefer a moist and warm environment for laying eggs.

Manure both inside the barn and in the paddocks promotes this type of environment, consequently increasing breeding and growth. 

In the summer months especially, it is absolutely crucial to make sure that manure is being properly removed and disposed of, both in stalls and outside in the paddocks.

Stalls should be thoroughly cleaned twice each day, and paddocks should be picked at least once a day, preferably twice.

Paddock Blade’s incredible line of paddock cleaning tools makes it quick and easy to get your paddocks and pastures spotless in just a fraction of the time, so you can get back to enjoying time in the saddle.


Managing Flies In Your Horse Barn This Summer

Air Circulation

The fans inside your barn not only keep the temperatures cooler; they help keep pesky flies at bay, as well.

Constant air circulation makes it extremely difficult for flies to linger in the barn, and fans directed at the horses in their stalls makes it hard for them to land, as well; keeping your fans running can play a large part in your fly management.


Managing Flies In Your Horse Barn This Summer


Just as the home can be sprayed to keep pests away, the barn can be sprayed with insecticides, as well.

You can choose to have the property sprayed in target areas to keep the flies at bay, or you can invest in a premises spray system if you have a large facility.

There are a few different options for installing premises sprays, but many large facilities install a system of tubing and misters that dispense the spray at scheduled times.


Managing Flies In Your Horse Barn This Summer

Fly Spray

Applying fly spray to your horse can help keep them protected and comfortable. There are a wide range of fly sprays available, with varied features including:

  • Organic ingredients
  • Repellant of specific types of insects
  • Sweat resistant
  • Extra strength

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to ensure that your horse is protected, fly spray is a great way to go.

Be sure to avoid the eyes and ears while spraying and apply spray to these areas gently with a cloth.

For sensitive horses, gels and ointments are available for these areas, as well.


Managing Flies In Your Horse Barn This Summer

Keep it Clean

Making sure aisles and wash bays are kept clean and swept is another important part of keeping the flies at bay; lingering bits of manure or grain can quickly attract insects.

It’s also important to make sure that feed buckets and bins are thoroughly washed out after they have been used, especially if the grain was mixed with water for easy feeding.

Any garbage bins inside or outside the barn should be equipped with snug lids to ensure that flies are not able to get inside, and the garbage should be regularly emptied to keep the space clean and free from unpleasant odours.

Following the tips you’ve learned here, you’ll be well-equipped for keeping those pesky flies away this summer!

For more informative equestrian tips and tricks, check out our blog.

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