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MFC Equine: A Proud Paddock Blade Partner

Here at Paddock Blade, we take immeasurable pride in working alongside incredible equestrians who strive to truly make a difference. We’re proud to announce a partnership with MFC Equine, and we’d like to take a moment to share some information about their Youth Hotshots program.


MFC Equine: A Proud Paddock Blade Partner

About MFC Equine

MFC Equine is an equestrian facility that specializes in horse and rider coaching. They strive to help horses and their riders form and maintain strong bonds that make each and every day in the saddle enjoyable and memorable.

MFC places a strong emphasis on building a bond based on trust, harmony, and pleasure. They make use of the Three Circle training method to produce fantastic results that build lifetime bonds for both horse and rider.


mfc equine a proud paddock blade partner

Three Circle Horsemanship

The use of this unique and effective training method has helped set MFC Equine aside as one of the best equestrian training facilities in Koo Wee Rup. 

The basis of Three Circle Horsemanship is treating the horse as an equal partner in order to establish trust and respect.

Consequently, this trust and respect can be key motivating factors for the horse in establishing you as their caretaker, leader, mentor, and friend.



mfc equine a proud paddock blade partner

Youth Hotshots Program

Every equestrian can remember their first experience with a horse, and how it completely changed their life forever. We can all remember being a youngster, counting down the days until our next visit to the barn for a ride.

MFC Equine launched the Youth Hotshots program just a few years back when they found there was a sizeable group of local youngsters that wanted a place to get together to ride. (Mostly, they wanted to chase cows, as youngsters love to do).

Over time, that group grew tenfold; the Youth Hotshots now boasts over 100 members, and the young ones who first partook in the program years ago are now the proud mentors of the newer and younger members.

The group is designated for children under 18 years old, and it has proven to be wildly successful in giving kids a safe and fun place to begin their lifelong love affairs with equestrianism. 

Coached by skilled equestrian Michael Costello, the Youth Hotshots show in various different Western riding events such as cutting, reining, and ranch riding. 

The program places a strong emphasis on teamwork, looking out for one another, supporting one another, learning from one another, and building horsemanship skills together.

The MFC team works to create a safe and fun place for children to bolster their equestrian skills, learn about riding and horsemanship, and develop crucial life skills. 

The Youth Hotshots program continues to grow each week, continuing to change the lives of aspiring young equestrians in the Koo Wee Rup area.

Interested in getting your kiddo registered? For more information about MFC Equine’s Youth Hotshots program, click here.

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