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Paddock Blade: Now Available In New Zealand

At long last, the Paddock Blade is now available in New Zealand! Previously only available in the UK and Australia, everyone’s favourite paddock cleaning tool is now available for delivery in beautiful New Zealand for $1,537 AUD-including delivery fees!


paddock blade new zealand

Do I Need A Paddock Cleaner?

To answer this question, we’ll ask you this; have you ever spent a large portion of a beautiful day shovelling and picking horse manure out of a paddock, rather than in the saddle or spending time with your horse?

Yup. Us too.

That’s why we designed the Paddock Blade, a simple yet effective tool that allows you to thoroughly clean your paddocks of debris and horse manure in just a fraction of the time it takes to do by hand.

With the use of a paddock cleaner, you’ll spend less time picking out the paddocks and more time riding and spending time with your beloved equine friends.

What Is A Paddock Blade?

The Paddock Blade is a tool that can easily and quickly be hitched to the back of a quad, UTV, or similar vehicle.

Made proudly with Aussie steel and weighing in at 50KG, the Paddock Blade is lightweight and incredibly easy to use.

Simply hook it to your vehicle of choice using our universal hitch and go; it will quickly and efficiently collect manure and debris behind you as you drive through the paddock. 

The blade is designed to keep the manure and debris tidily stored inside until you are ready to empty it.

Emptying the Paddock Blade is a breeze; simply tip it to the side and empty its contents before going on your way. It’s that easy!

Perhaps the best part is that the Paddock Blade’s simple yet effective design has no moving parts and requires no maintenance at all; simply hook it up and go. When it comes time to clean it off, simply hose it down, and it will be good as new. 

Each Paddock Blade comes with a lifetime warranty; it truly is an investment that will keep on giving for years and years, giving you valuable time back each day to spend with your horse.


paddock blade comes to new zealand

Paddock Blade Comes To New Zealand

At long last, Australia’s favourite paddock cleaning tool has come to New Zealand, as well!

The Paddock Blade is now available to be delivered anywhere in beautiful New Zealand for $1,525 AUD, including delivery fees! After-pay is available, as well.

It’s time to stop wasting your precious time picking out paddocks for hours on end.

It’s time to get back in the saddle and actually enjoy your time at the barn with your horse; it’s time to invest in a Paddock Blade!

To browse Paddock Blade’s inventory of industry-leading paddock cleaning tools, click here.

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