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The Pooch Blade: A Fun and Safe Way to Include the Kids

The Pooch Blade: A Fun and Safe Way to Include the Kids

All parents know that children learn a lot from watching us and copying what we do.

While it’s extremely endearing, it’s not always safe to include them in what we’re doing, especially while working around the farm.

Paddock Blade’s new Pooch Blade allows children to safely mimic mommy or daddy as they use the Paddock Blade.


The Pooch Blade: A Fun and Safe Way to Include the Kids

Staying Safe

Spending some time on the farm can do some real good for kids; fresh air, connection with the animals, and learning the value of hard work can do wonders for your little one’s physical and mental development. 

While it’s great to let your child experience all the joys this lifestyle has to offer, it’s important to ensure that they stay safe.

That’s why Paddock Blade created the Pooch Blade, an exact miniature replication of our award-winning paddock cleaning tool.


The Pooch Blade: A Fun and Safe Way to Include the Kids

About The Pooch Blade

The Pooch Blade works exactly like its larger counterpart: simply pull it by hand behind you in the area that you wish to clean, and the debris or waste will collect itself neatly inside the tool as you go.

The Pooch Blade is a great tool that your child can easily and safely use; it can be used to clean and remove chicken, goat, or dog waste around the yard, or it can simply be used as a toy for imaginative play time. 

With the Pooch Blade, your little one can enjoy a new type of outside play and make-believe that they are working just like mommy or daddy while staying safe and having fun!

As they play, they’ll learn the value of hard work and learn more about caring for the animals as well as the land.

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