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What Type Of Fencing Is Best For Your Horse Paddock?

This question is asked by every equestrian at some point when considering different fencing options.

Deciding on what fencing is best for your horse paddock can be a difficult choice, and sometimes the most aesthetically pleasing fencing, isn’t the best option to fit your needs.  

Picking the right fencing is important for the safety of your horse. Horses have a fight or flight instinct.

Most domestic horses don’t have many dangers in their daily lives, however, you want to ensure that if your horse is frightened, they can’t run away but also won’t be hurt.


What Type Of Fencing Is Best For Your Horse Paddock

Different Fencing Options

There are many different options for fencing; it’s up to you to decide what fits the needs of your facilities and your horses. 

Zappa Fencing- This fence combines the strength of wire with the durability of plastic. There are two wires, one on top and one on bottom that create a small zap should your horse try to push the boundaries of the paddock, shying them away from going too close to the fence. 

Post Fencing- Post fencing can be done in various different ways and can provide optimal safety and security for your horse.

Using wire or electric rope between the posts is a common, inexpensive way to offer safety and security. This can be used as a permanent horse fence, or a temporary option, depending on your needs.

Ensure that you have the correct spacing between posts to hold the wire properly, and do your research on the needed amp amount for the shock system.

Using PVC post and rail gives the element of elegance and beauty to your fields. If your horse happens to come in rough contact with the fence, the rails are designed to give way and release.

This helps ensure that the chance for any potential damage or injury to your horse is minimized. Electrification can also be added for additional safety.

Another option is timber post and rail which provides an elegant and rustic look.

Timber post and rail fencing offers great containment and if built and maintained properly, can last for decades.

Although this option is not necessarily as safe for your horse as other options, it is an option that is commonly found around the world. 


What Type Of Fencing Is Best For Your Horse Paddock

Mesh Fencing- This can be attached to wire that is tensioned up along the top and bottom of a standard fence, or fixed directly to posts and rails.

This option is specifically designed to be woven so that a hoof can’t break through, causing a hole or tear.

This option won’t be as aesthetically pleasing as other options, and in some conditions can be hard to see, but still provides safety and security at a lower price. 

It’s important to find the option that best fits your needs.

When deciding on what fencing you want on your property be sure to note any restrictions your area might have for the electric or shocking systems.

Always take into account the animals that are wild around your property as well, being sure to have a fencing system that is also secure from outside predators. 

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