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Winter Horse Riding Tips

With winter quickly approaching, you might find yourself looking for ways to continue to enjoy riding your horse, even while it’s cold. Being sure to care for your horse properly during winter can aid in continuing to ride. Here are some winter horse riding tips.


winter horse riding tips

How Can I Safely Ride My Horse In The Winter? 

The best way to ride your horse during the winter is to find an indoor arena you can use for an allotted amount of time. Be sure to allow the amount of time your horse will need to keep in shape and burn energy. 

As we all know, Aussie winters can be quite muddy. Being indoors keeps your horse’s feet healthy by allowing them to be on dry terrain and out of the mud.

If you choose to take your horse outdoors, be sure to dry your horse and thoroughly clean their hooves when you come back in; this will ensure that your horse doesn’t catch cold and that their hooves are safe from founder.

Keep in mind that during the winter months, horses require more time to burn off energy since they are spending less time outside of their stable.

It’s important to plan for a bit of extra exercise to keep your horse healthy during the colder months of the year. 


winter horse riding tips

Winter Horse Diet

Maintaining their diet is also important to keep them healthy. When it’s colder outside, horses tend to need to eat more to keep themselves warm. Giving them more grains and hay will help them to stay warm. 

Winter months also tend to be the prime time for dehydration; be sure to give fresh water every day.

Some horses drink less in the winter due to low temperatures, making it difficult for even the most diligent of horse owners to keep their horse hydrated.

Putting molasses in their water- making it sweet- can encourage them to drink more, keeping them better hydrated. 

Feeding your horse salt and a probiotic during the colder time of the year can help to ward off any digestive issues that can arise, while also keeping them from developing any respiratory issues.

Be sure to keep up with your deworming and vaccination schedule, and have a routine check-up done once winter is coming to an end. 


winter horse riding tips

Blanketing In The Winter

Finding the blanket right for your horse will depend on the specific weather pattern that you reside in.

If you plan to have your horse blanketed at all times, it’s important to make sure that the blanket isn’t too heavy for the daytime temperatures; you want to be sure your horse won’t overheat or be too cold.

Riding your horse in the winter can be fulfilling and fun; just be sure to care for your horse according to the season.

Your horse may require more during the winter months, but you both will be rewarded with a happy and healthy equine pal.

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