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Our customers love our products, Here's some of the feedback we have received.

    "What a brilliant product! Saving me hours in labor, picking it all up. I’ve cleaned up cow horse and sheep poo. Really easy to set up, tow and dispose of. Thanks so much. 

Andrew R,
Yarra Valley, VIC   

"Used about a week ago picked up lots and looks a lot cleaner was almost full trailer load thanks" 

 Karen R,

Norlane ,VIC

 Received the paddock blade last week here in Northern Ireland and with the rain finally stopping we were able to use it. It's a great job lifting all the dung however it's best to use it when the dung is dry or when the dung is only a couple of days old.

Anne Brown,

Northern Ireland


Used the new paddock blade this morning for the first time.  Wow!  3 small paddock cleaned up in no time at all and so easy to use.  Saved me heaps of time and effort. 

Ann Berrett,

Toongabbie, Victoria

Great product! Simple to mount and unmount on quad bike. Easy to tow and does all the job required! Simple, yet effective!